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Climate Governance Initiative launches free online course on effective climate governance for board directors

  • New, free and interactive online course for board directors which can be completed in under 30 minutes
  • Climate in the Boardroom is an introduction for board directors to climate change and the business risks and opportunities associated with it
  • Produced by a non-profit which works in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Centre for Climate Engagement, University of Cambridge.

From today, board directors across the globe will be empowered to act as effective stewards of their companies in a changing climate, through a new online course called Climate in the Boardroom from the Climate Governance Initiative.

The Climate Governance Initiative’s introductory course on climate change and effective climate governance is the essential starting point to prepare directors for boardroom discussions and decisions on climate change, sustainability and the transition to a net zero economy.

The course introduces board directors to topics relevant to their role, including managing climate risks, the latest climate science, global policies and processes that impact their business, climate disclosure obligations, and the World Economic Forum’s Principles for Effective Climate Governance.

“Our research shows that 9 out of 10 board directors believe it is part of their role to influence the board’s direction on climate action, but many are held back by their uncertainty over regulations and best practice. Climate in the Boardroom gives board directors the confidence to advise executives and make the best possible decisions for their companies and the planet.”

Profile Picture Website Alexandra BoltonAlexandra Bolton, Director, Climate Governance Initiative.

“The resilience of any business and its long-term competitiveness relies on the board setting a robust climate strategy. The foundational course Climate in the Boardroom, created specifically for board members, is a brilliant tool to raise consciousness of the climate risks faced by any business to identify potential opportunities by applying the Principles for Effective Climate Governance, and an excellent pathway for anyone embarking on its climate journey.”

Photo YvesYves Hayaux-du-Tilly, non-executive and independent director of Dentegra Seguros Dentales, Pensiones Principal, Sofia Salud and GNP International Ltd.

“Climate in the Boardroom is a brilliant starting point for board directors at the beginning of their climate journey or those who want to keep their skills and understanding on climate issues current. I’d encourage board directors across the Asia-Pacific to take the course and sign up to their local Chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative to join the more than 100,000 business leaders across the globe who are working to deliver a more sustainable future for all.”

Photo Agnes K Y TaiAgnes K Y Tai, Director of Great Glory Investment Corporation and Senior Advisor of iPartners Holdings Ltd.

The course is launched with the support of the Climate Governance Initiative’s Professional Education Committee and comes a year after the Initiative published its Approved Course curriculum for climate-related courses for board directors. The curriculum supports the global network of Chapters in producing consistent training for directors to address risks and opportunities related to climate change and develop effective corporate strategies for climate action. This week, Chapter Zero New Zealand became the latest Chapter to have its climate course for board directors receive ‘Approved Course’ status, joining Chapter Zero Brazil, Chapter Zero Canada and Chapter Zero Italy.

Climate in the Boardroom was produced in collaboration with DEFI, the Digital Education Futures Initiative, and the Centre for Climate Engagement, both based at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge.

Further information

About the Climate Governance Initiative

The Climate Governance Initiative is a non-profit dedicated to mobilising boards to accelerate the transition to net zero and build climate resilience. We exist to develop and support a global network that empowers and mobilises board directors on every continent to take climate action by enhancing their knowledge and skills in climate governance. We are a rapidly growing global network with Chapters in over 70 countries worldwide, reaching more than 100,000 chairs, non-executive and independent directors.

About the Centre for Climate Engagement

The Centre for Climate Engagement at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge plays a unique role in bringing leading academic research to a targeted non-executive director audience in a format that enables change. Established to rectify the lack of engagement in climate change mitigation in the corporate community, particularly boards and to support cutting edge research in climate law, governance, disclosure and organisational change, the priority areas for boards driving climate action. The Centre also provides the Secretariat for the Climate Governance Initiative.

About DEFI

DEFI, the Digital Education Futures Initiative, is a translational research centre that brings together innovative pedagogy and research from across the Cambridge ecosystem and disseminates it nationally and internationally. DEFI is building a global community of stakeholders from academia, education, policy and industry, to develop new models of education and new research priorities arising due to rapid advances in digital technology.  By offering a space for open dialogue, research, knowledge creation, reflection and thought leadership, DEFI aims to create a more inclusive sustainable global education system.

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