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Annual Report

The Climate Governance Initiative has grown from a presence in 4 countries to 71 countries in just three years. Our first Annual Report tells the story of the Initiative’s journey from the idea of creating a network for, and led by, board directors, to a flourishing network of Chapters focused on driving impact that brings climate action into boardrooms across the globe.

CGI Annual Report 2023 Cover

“From a small start-up into a well-established global network, the Climate Governance Initiative has grown exponentially in the past three years and I am immensely proud of its progress. Our ability to reach business leaders across 71 countries gives us a big opportunity to push for change and we do not take lightly our responsibility to do so.”

Julie Baddeley, Chair of the Governing Board, Climate Governance Initiative


“The Climate Governance Initiative has ambitious goals that will make a real difference to the impact that boards can make to the climate crisis. Our network can create the stewardship mindset that is vital if we are to make the impactful changes required to mitigate and adapt to climate change.”

Alexandra Bolton, Director of the Climate Governance Initiative