Our Chapters

The Climate Governance Initiative has Chapters in over 70 countries worldwide. A Chapter is a group of board directors in a particular country or region who have formed a network dedicated to enabling and empowering chairs, non-executive and independent directors to take climate action. From the Asia Pacific to the Americas, our rapidly growing network is focused on driving impact in boardrooms across the globe.




  • Chapters launched in France, Russia and Switzerland


  • Global Summit 2021
  • Chapters launched in Brazil, Brussels, Canada, Chile, Germany and the Nordic countries
  • Chapters launched in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Singapore and the US


  • Launch of the ASEAN hub and Chapter Zero New Zealand
  • Chapters launched in Central America & Caribbean, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland and Ukraine & Caucasus
  • Global Summit 2022
  • A 24-hour livestreamed event focused on the latest thinking in climate governance


  • Chapters launched in the Netherlands and Slovenia
  • Chapters launched in Egypt (first chapter in Africa), Türkiye, Uzbekistan, and southern Africa


Why join a Chapter?

All chairs, non-executive and independent directors can become a member of a Chapter. Membership of a Chapter is free and provides:

  • The opportunity to be part of a growing group of 100,000 chairs and non-executive directors driving climate action in boardrooms around the world
  • The chance to network and share best practice with your peers
  • Access to approved courses to help you build future-fit climate leadership skills
  • A varied programme of events on climate governance
  • Access to free resources
  • Thought leadership and insight from a collective of global experts in climate governance.

Join a Chapter

To find out more about our Chapters or to join your local Chapter, please visit our Chapters page.

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