Global network now active in countries representing one third of global emissions issues call to action to board directors 

  • The Climate Governance Initiative is a global network of board directors, dedicated to mobilising corporate leadership on climate change. 
  • Nonprofit is supported by the World Economic Forum, IKEA Foundation and Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), and has grown from 4 countries to 73 countries in just five years. 
  • Initiative issues call to action to board directors in countries representing the next two thirds of global emissions, inviting board directors to take a bold leadership role on climate. 

Board directors on every inhabited continent are being empowered and mobilised to lead their companies towards a sustainable future, through climate education, networking and sharing best practice across borders, based on a Paris-aligned approach to climate transition.  

The Climate Governance Initiative was created in 2019 to bring climate to the forefront of corporate governance discussions. It works in collaboration with the World Economic Forum to help board directors put into practice a set of principles for effective climate governance, which help board directors assess their organisation’s approach to climate governance and ensure decision-making includes careful consideration of the links between climate change and business. 

The Climate Governance Initiative’s global network now reaches over 100,000 board directors and stretches from Brazil to Belgium, from the United States to the United Kingdom, and from Singapore to Switzerland. Today, the network’s newest national association, called a ‘Chapter’, has launched in Spain. Chapter Zero Spain is hosted by the University of Navarra and will build a network of business leaders to drive the climate agenda in Spanish boardrooms, in line with the World Economic Forum’s principles, EU and Spanish regulations. 

“With a footprint in countries representing one third of global emissions, our network is gaining traction every day and we are already seeing decisive action in boardrooms as a result. However, our window to secure a liveable and sustainable future is closing and emissions are still on the rise in many parts of the world. We are inviting board directors to help us dramatically increase the pace of action in boardrooms by becoming members of their local Chapter or by working with us to establish new Chapters, particularly in countries where emissions are high.”

Profile Picture Website Julie BaddeleyJulie Baddeley, Chair of the Governing Board of the Climate Governance Initiative

“Board directors around the world must address both the risks and opportunities of climate change for their businesses and acknowledge that the cost of inaction is too high.  It’s encouraging to see the Climate Governance Initiative reach this milestone, which means that a growing body of board directors globally are turning climate ambition into urgent action.” 

 Pim Valdre, Head of Climate Ambition Initiatives at the World Economic Forum

According to our recent research into the state of climate action in company boardrooms, conducted with Kantar, over 9 in 10 board directors globally feel that they are in a position to influence their organisation’s direction on climate. 84% of them are either somewhat or highly engaged with the topic of climate change. A lack of prioritisation, short-term thinking and knowledge gaps on the board were most often cited as barriers to progress. 

For resources and training for board directors on climate governance from the Climate Governance Initiative and its global network of Chapters, visit the Climate Governance Hub

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About the Climate Governance Initiative  

The Climate Governance Initiative is a non-profit dedicated to mobilising boards to accelerate the transition to net zero and build climate resilience. We develop and support a global network that empowers and mobilises board directors on every continent to take climate action by enhancing their knowledge and skills in climate governance. We are a rapidly growing global network with Chapters in over 70 countries worldwide, reaching more than 100,000 chairs, non-executive and independent directors. 

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