Climate Governance Initiative – Approved Courses

As part of our shared mission to accelerate the net zero transition, some of the Chapters of the Climate Governance Initiative have developed climate governance education courses for board directors.

A Climate Governance Initiative Approved Course, developed by a Chapter, has undergone a robust review process to ensure its contents are highly relevant to board directors.

Chapters currently offering Climate Governance Initiative Approved Courses:

Some Chapters offer other high-quality courses that are relevant to board directors in their particular jurisdictions.

What you will gain from a Climate Governance Initiative Approved Course

  • An understanding of the science that underpins climate change projections and implications on people, the planet and the economy.
  • Information that will equip you to ask critical questions in the boardroom to direct and oversee long-term corporate strategy.
  • The ability to prepare your business to manage climate risks (including the growing risk of climate litigation), set appropriate targets and maximise strategic opportunities.
  • Skills to navigate the relevant policy and regulatory landscape for addressing climate change, including director duties
  • Future-fit climate leadership skills for the boardroom and beyond.

The Climate Governance Initiative’s curriculum is updated periodically to reflect the latest developments and emerging trends in climate science, technology, policy and regulation. Courses are reviewed every two years to ensure alignment with the most recent curriculum.

SAMPLE CGI Approved blue bg
SAMPLE CGI Approved white bg

These logos indicate a course has passed the Climate Governance Initiative’s review process.

Who runs Climate Governance Initiative Approved Courses?

Chapters of the Climate Governance Initiative can apply to have their climate governance courses reviewed by the Professional Education Committee of the Initiative. Those that pass the review process can use the Approved Course Logo on their course materials. Delivery of the course is the responsibility of the Chapter.

How are Chapter-run courses reviewed and approved?

Courses that receive Approved Course status have been reviewed by:

  • A subject-matter expert with climate governance knowledge and experience working on the climate agenda.
  • A non-executive director, to ensure relevance and usefulness to other board directors
  • An education expert with structural/pedological experience, for example a background in producing and delivering education modules.

At least one reviewer has local knowledge of the region the course will be delivered in.