Our theory of Change

An effective economic, social and planetary transition to a Paris Climate Agreement aligned future is needed

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Big business has a critical role to play 

  • business is responsible for most emissions 
  • business also responsible for a high proportion of other social and planetary impacts
  • business needs to drive down emissions and adapt (too few targets, too little reporting, too little change)
  • big business has a disproportionate impact on emissions and in terms of broader influence
  • big business easier to reach than SMEs, but influence them through their supply chains
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Good governance is key to business change

  • corporate governance should enable organisations to set and achieve appropriate goals, control risks and assure compliance to the benefits of its members as a whole 
  • good corporate governance “incorporates a set of rules that define the relationship between stakeholders, management and the board of directors of a company and influence how the company is operating”
  • good corporate governance drives LTV creation
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NEDs play an important role in governance 

  • NED role is to “provide a creative contribution to the board by providing independent oversight and constructive challenge to the executive directors”
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NEDs need help to make effective interventions on climate change

  • NEDs have education, capability and motivation gaps in this domain 
  • NEDs face contextual challenges in terms of chair/ CEO/ other board member buy in, standardisation of the way climate change is managed and reported on
  • NEDs lack access to and knowledge of relevant 3rd party expertise
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An effective NED centric, member organisation focusing on content, education and capability building.