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Climate Governance Initiative appoints new Chair of the Governing Board and two new Governing Board members

The Climate Governance Initiative, an initiative in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, has announced two new members of its Governing Board and the appointment of its new Chair of the Governing Board.

Joining the Board from leadership roles in the Climate Governance Initiative’s network of Chapters, the new members and Chair bring significant experience in driving corporate climate capacity across boards around the world.

The newly appointed members of the Board are:

The two new members join existing board members Sabrina Bruno (Chapter Zero Italy), Liselotte Engstam (Boards Impact Forum), Emily Farnworth (Head of Secretariat, Climate Governance Initiative), Shai Ganu (Climate Governance Singapore), Yves Hayaux-du-Tilly (Chapter Zero México), Cristián Rodríguez-Chiffelle (Chapter Zero Chile) and Pim Valdre (World Economic Forum).

Julie Baddeley, Chair of Chapter Zero, the UK Directors’ Climate Forum, has been appointed Chair of the Initiative’s Governing Board. Julie brings more than 20 years’ experience on boards of major organisations in the public and private sectors, and leadership at a series of initiatives, including Chapter Zero, helping chairs and non-executive directors recognise the challenge of climate change to their businesses, and their business’ impacts on the environment.

“It is an honour to be appointed Chair of the Climate Governance Initiative and to bring to the global initiative my experience of helping build Chapter Zero over the past four years. The Climate Governance Initiative was established in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and has Chapters spanning 56 countries,” said Julie.

“We can only succeed in tackling climate change and grasping the opportunities reaching net zero presents if we work collaboratively across the world, and the huge reach of the Initiative’s 100,000 members gives us a great opportunity to influence business globally.”

Julie Baddeley, Chair of the Governing Board, Climate Governance Initiative

Charles Ehrhart is a Steering Committee member at Chapter Zero New Zealand and a professional advisor with more than twenty years of climate-focused experience working within the private sector, governments, the UN and non-profit organisations on five continents. He currently serves a split-role between KPMG’s Global Decarbonization Hub and KPMG New Zealand, where he is Lead Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability. Charles has supported directors’ climate change journeys across energy, agriculture, transport, and financial services sectors.

“The world has experienced an extraordinarily challenging start to 2023 – including flash droughts in Europe and devastating storms across the US, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. These events bring home the physical impacts of climate change and the necessity of urgent action. Board members have a critical role to play in making this happen and ensuring their companies are fit for our low-emissions, climate-resilient future,” said Charles.

“The purpose of the Climate Governance Initiative is to equip directors for this role. I am, therefore, excited and honoured to join the Governing Board. I look forward to working alongside my new colleagues and Chapter members around the world to promote and demonstrate effective climate governance.”

Agnes K Y Tai is a Steering Committee member at Climate Governance Initiative Hong Kong and Chief EC.ESG Investment Strategist at BlueOnion. She has served the financial community across four jurisdictions over the past 43 years and is a frequent speaker, author and training facilitator. Her board training in sustainability, climate, governance, strategy and risk oversight spans five continents.

“It is my great honour to serve as a member of the Climate Governance Initiative Governing Board, to further board directors’ understanding and application of the Principles for Effective Climate Governance and the governance oversight that is already under a strong board,” said Agnes.

“I have been an advocate for climate governance, especially climate accountability on boards, since 2012 while working with the Hong Kong Institute of Directors and in various climate and ESG roles. I am looking forward to influencing the acceleration of effective corporate climate action in my new role on the Initiative’s Governing Board.